Among our Global Mining sustainability principles are: developing environment - friendly business culture and supporting it in the future as well; maintaining the sustainability of the earth sources.


Considering integrity one of the important principles, Global Mining’s all projects are closely connected with transparency and honest communication which leads to supporting the establishment of solid basics for business relations.


Global Mining considers Respect one of the most fundamental concepts used for business ethics. It means being respectful not only towards our friends and our business partners, but also treating with respect nature, people and management at locations where our work takes place. We strongly believe that respect is the best solution for any misunderstanding or problem. Respecting nature and people is everyone’s mission as it is a considered key to a healthy communication.


Among the values of Global Mining are awareness and responsibility for the people we work with. Intersection of natural resources and labor has always been our aim. We believe that being responsive to community needs is the basis of our big family environment. İt is the key to core business strategy and continued profitability.


As our work requires an intensive performance, Global Mining has performance oriented business culture. To do this, some organizations which have recently become very famous always used to work very hard to find a fair way to reward excellence. Working as one big family makes it very effective in achieving high performance. Rewarding employee contributions and excellence and providing motivation of employees to new projects is of great significance for us.


The future technologies and development of the different sectors are associated with the mining sector. Global Mining works on increasing efficiency in supporting innovation and new technologies considering it one of the very important values.